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Savannah Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Most MD | Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgeon, Hand Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Reconstructive, Surgeon | Dr. Most Savannah GADr. Daniel Most Savannah GA specializes in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Face, Breast Reconstruction and Enhancement, Liposuction and Body Contour Surgery, Buttock Enhancement Surgery, including Fat Transfer. Chemical Peels, Botox, Restylane, Juvederm.

His diverse training includes renowned places such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard University. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, a published researcher and a teacher in his field, he brings a unique perspective as to what is cutting-edge in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

His experience with microsurgery also allows him to bring the precision and creativity required to all branches of cosmetic surgery. He is on active staff at Memorial Health University Medical Center, St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System, and Liberty Regional Medical Center (Hinesville, GA). In addition, Dr. Most Savannah GA is a participating provider for most insurance companies.


Location: Dr. Most Savannah GA

Currently located inside the Savannah Medical Center, the address is as follows:

Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC
5205 Frederick Street, Suite A
Savannah, GA 31405

Please call us at (912) 335-6629 today to setup an appointment!

Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.

What Patients Are Saying: Dr. Daniel Most Savannah GA

“Dr. Most  Savannah GA is a brilliant surgeon with an excellent bedside manner. My hand was useless after an accident. Now it works perfectly again. I am so grateful.”

 ”AWESOME – I loved the whole team and Dr. Most Savannah GA. He is an awesome surgeon and my surgery left me with no visible scaring. He cares and his staff does too. I have had an amazing experience with this doctor and would refer him to everyone I know!”

“EXCELLENT DOCTOR!!!  I found out that I had breast cancer about three years ago. I ended up having to have a double mastectomy. Dr. Daniel Most Savannah GA performed what is knows as the tram flap procedure, which is reconstructive surgery, for me. This is a major surgery to recover from. I had several follow-up appointments as I was going through chemo. I NEVER had to wait in the waiting room. I was taken to an exam room.They knew my white count was extremely low and they did not want me to wait in a waiting room. I would call as I arrived for my appointment. They came outside and helped me inside and took me IMMEDIATELY to an exam room. Many times I arrived for my visit with Dr. Daniel Most Savannah GA, and I was weak and very worried. Dr. Most always encouraged me and brought my ‘spirits’ up. I have been seeing him for 3 years and consider him my physician and my friend. I highly recommend him.”
“My wife was in a serious car accident back in November of 2011. When the airbag deployed it crushed the bones in her forehead. Even though my wife’s surgery was not elective and we did not “pick” Dr. Most to be her surgeon, we were so incredibly blessed that HE was the surgeon that was called into to do the reconstructive surgery, due to the extent of her injuries. He did a wonderful job at reconstructing her forehead. This type of surgery is not one that comes out of a textbook! I can’t imagine the skill and experience it would take to recreate someones forehead. She had something like 23 screws holding everything together. I won’t lie! It’s been a fairly rough year for her because the injury was so bad.  But Dr. Most, thankfully practicing here in Savannah GA, has really been here for her at every step of her recovery. He is always so attentive to what she says and does everything he can ease her pain and to reassure her that everything is going turn out fine. So many doctors that we have, unfortunately, had to come in contact with, have NO bedside manner. Many of them are quick, short, to the point, won’t really even let you finish a sentence when you’re talking to them, and then they disappear on you. Please understand that this does NOT apply to Dr. Most in any way. He has a wonderful, caring, bedside manner.  He is very kind, compassionate and most of all he takes the time to really listen to what you have to say. We honestly couldn’t say enough nice things about Dr. Most! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done! You have literally helped to give my wife’s life back to her!”
Please call Dr. Daniel Most Savannah GA at (912) 335-6629 today to setup an appointment for your consultation!

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